Why People Abuse Animals

Why do people abuse animals? Its not exactly an easy question to answer, but here are the top three reasons.

1. People don't realize that they're abusing the animal.
          This may seem strange-how can you not realize that you're abusing an animal?-but it happens often.  An example of this would be pet owners not buying the right kind of food, or forgetting to feed their pet a few times, or not having adequate shelter because they don't realize that their pet needs a shelter.
2. People abuse animals, but its for a short period of time.
          An example would be throwing rocks at a dog or a cat. It is mostly kids who do this, because they are trying to show off for their friends or they are a victim of peer pressure.
3. People abuse animals on purpose.
          This is the worst kind of animal abuse. People abuse animals because they feel powerful or because they like to hurt things. Many times they hurt animals because an animal can't fight back like a human can.

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